The Truth About Being An Entrepreneur

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

It must look from the outside that being an entrepreneur is all glamorous, living the dream, travelling the world, basically an over night success, *Absolutely NOT*. Its insane to believe that it’s that easy and that all those people have not worked crazy hours, had sleepless nights and worked consistently for years to get to where they are today! Yes, you have your lucky ones that have had over night success but that is so rare! Being an entrepreneur can be tough, there are many obstacles and emotions we need to overcome to grow a successful business! 

So I would like to share with you a few tips I’ve learned along the way of becoming an entrepreneur:

1) Learn to love failure

Becoming an entrepreneur can be terrifying, you are literally taking a chance on yourself without any guarantee that you will succeed. Understand that there is a possibility that you will fail (maybe even a few times), but you learn and grow from your mistakes, so commit to always learning. Most successful people have failed multiple times, but the one thing that they did right was that they ignored the critics, believed in themselves and never gave up! Without risk, there is no reward, so I would suggest you embrace the failure.

2) Comparison will kill you

In a world where comparing ourselves to other people has become the norm because of social media; always sitting on our phones admiring others happy “highlight reels”. Doing this will do nothing but drive you insane, no one will ever show you their real life on social media ( i.e divorce, debt, arguments or depression). 

By paying attention to other peoples lives or what they are doing with their business, will do nothing but create procrastination in yours. You will compare your work and life and never feel ready because yours is not good enough to put out there. Learn to focus on your work, because if you stay laser focused on what needs to be done and being true to yourself, you’ll never have competition.

3) Find your Tribe!

Surround yourself with like minded people that are just as driven as you, this will help you grow and advance in your career because you can motivate each other to become better! You never want to surround yourself with negative people, they WILL ABSOLUTELY rub off on you because after awhile you will start to think the way they do. So find your tribe and love them hard!

4) Never stop learning

The truth about being an entrepreneur is that you ALWAYS need to keep growing and learning, if YOU are not growing your business will not either. With technology constantly changing and evolving, we need to stay on top of current trends and become a master of our industry. If we are not doing it someone else will, so keep learning and growing!

5) Enjoy the process

Enjoying the journey is probably the one thing that most people always forget. We get so caught up in the end goal of where we’re going that we completely forget the beauty of how we got there. Taking time for yourself everyday is just as important as hitting your goals, so when you hit your end goal you will appreciate it way more, and you’ll understand the sweat and tears it took you to get there. Try not to get too worried with the end of your journey, and instead, take time to stop and smell the roses. 

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