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Ten Things I Never Travel Without

I've travelled enough times to know exactly what i need to pack for my trip, and have had enough moments of kicking myself that i forgot something to keep me occupied on a long flight.....checklist are everything!


10 Things I'll Never Travel Without

  1. Headphones -Just incase you sit next to the person with the crying baby, we've all been there it isn't fun. 

  2. Ipad - Catch up on work or incase you've seen all the movie options on the plane, you have some that you downloaded on your ipad. 

  3. Arbonne Spray Toner- This is a great way to hydrate my face and keep it clean while on the beach or after a long flight

  4. Portable Charger - This is a MUST while travelling!

  5. Snacks - Plane food is way too salty and unsatisfying for me, so I always try to keep protein bars or low sugar treats on me to snack on.

  6. A Book/Magazine - It's a great time to catch up on that book you've been dying to start/finish.

  7. Lip Balm - Because the plane is so dry

  8. Hand Cream

  9. Camera - I know enjoying the moment should be more important, but nothing wrong with getting some snaps first!

  10. Water Bottle - I absolutely hate being dehydrated and the last thing i want to do is be that annoying person that needs water every half an hour, because the glasses they hand out are so tiny.

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