Saint Vincent & The Grenadines || #Lebartravels

Living on an island in Barbados for the past 8 months, already in paradise, didn't have me too excited to hop over to another island. Although, it was somewhere new and apparently not a big tourist spot yet, so i was up for the adventure!

My definition of Saint Vincent would be, JURASSIC PARK! It was absolutely gorgeous, it was completely green and all mountains unlike anything i have ever seen before, especially coming from Barbados where it's pretty flat.

If you're going to visit this island and decide to rent an airbnb PLEASE try and get an address for it, going through customs and trying to explain to them that we weren't given one... we almost didn't make it through! Apparently, the place is too hard to find and doesn't have one.. ugh, try explaining that one to customs and not getting arrested or getting the B O O T. Check out where we stayed though it was a huge with an incredible view of the island and by far the best host we've ever had!

Things i recommend to do while you are there, these are NON NEGOTIABLE GUYS!! 

  1. Visit the waterfalls, they are breathtaking there is about 3 different locations so ask which are the best ones.. this was definitely one of my favourite things on the trip ( you will need to hire a taxi driver to bring you it will be at least a 2 hour drive and most likely a day adventure, so make sure you hire someone you like lol )

  2. Eat at a locals restaurant called VEE JAY'S restaurant and bar, the one i went to was hidden down an alley way so maybe ask the locals where you can find one. Make sure to try the coconut dumplings *drools*

  3. Take a ferry over to Bequia and spend the day there, it's such a cute island *Beyonce & Brian Adams also have a house there, so keep those eyes open*.

  4. Hike up the volcano, make sure to hire a local apparently there are mountain people you do not want to run into haha.

  5. Check out the black sand beach, it is very hot but worth the travel. When you are checking out the waterfalls ask the driver to stop by the beach on the way.

  6. Grab a bottle of wine, head down to the pier where the ferrys dock and take in the beauty around you!

ONE TIP: Make sure you remember where you live if you decide to walk around, getting lost here is NOT FUN... It's all up hill, everything looks the same and there are no street lights.. Talk about terrifying. BUT it was by far one of the best trips i've ever been on, make sure you go check it out!

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