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Pretty.Smart is a social forum that globally connects business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and inspiring minds. Pretty.Smart aspires to promote entrepreneurial minds to gather at their events to enhance their networks. More importantly, to share their stories and successes. Through these events and social media, they hope to build a fellowship of leaders and a social platform to highlight as many brilliant minds as possible. 

"The 'Times Have Changed' campaign was inspired by five women, who through the assistance of network marketing, have built a network of comrades who wanted more out of life. With this campaign we intend to shine a light on what abundance can exist in our lives, the energies and creativity that can blossom in these surroundings, and to encourage more people to share in our dreams." 

Pretty.Smart is about sharing positivity, creative union and showcasing what can be accomplished when you gather those elements in one space. 

This month i was Pretty.Smarts Feature Entrepreneur. Thank you ladies!

Motto: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Breakthrough: This Millennial never had any interest in tradition. Like many of her generation changing the game, Katrina is not about climbing the ladder, but about circumventing it. Untypical of most Millenial's however, she was raised under the influence of entrepreneurial parents, always knowing she would follow her own lead into the world of entrepreneurship. Her relentless drive to create a path of her own led her towards beginning her own event planning company, Spectacle Event. On this path, she was introduced to network marketing, where she found a new niche and opportunity to add to her business savvy ways and leadership skills. Katrina knows the only way to succeed is the in depth understanding that it's not about her, but about servicing others. She thrives off helping, connecting, and motivating people to strive for a life that doesn’t have to be just a dream. She does not believe in living life unfulfilled and unsatisfied without taking any action towards building wishes into a reality.

Passion for the future: “I tell people to look fear in the eyes and laugh at it. The moment you realize fear is only a story you have created in your mind; that’s when life begins. That’s when you’ll understand anything is possible”

Quirky fact: I am terrified of spiders

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