How To Grow Your Business On Instagram

Are you feeling stuck in your business, not gaining any new followers or making any sales through instagram? Here are some tips that could get your business more exposure and help make more sales.

I have been building my business for a few years and I use to be stuck, I had no idea how to make sales through this platform, until I figured out the proper way to market myself through the tips I will teach you and how to have fun by marketing it in the right way, I gained way more sales and followers by following these steps.

1. Be clear about your brand

Your bio is the first thing people look at when arriving on your profile, so you want to let people know what you do, give them a little info not too much because you want to leave them curious and you want them to go through your photos and creep out what exactly you do. I would also add a passion on there and make it fun, be relatable. For posting depending on what you do exactly, for myself I coach and have an online health wellness company so I would do a steady mix of business advice/ motivational quotes along with my favourite products and personal life event; just some fun pics that resonate with your followers.

Get to know who your followers are and what they would like to see from you; ex. do polls, ask questions, take advantage of all the tools instagram offers so you can gain more traction and followers on your page by posting about the things they like to see.

If you are the face of your business, make sure you do a ton of photos of yourself. It maybe a bit uncomfortable for you but what I have noticed, the photos people post of themselves get a lot more interactions with then a post without them. Also post a photo with an intro, write a caption about who you are, what you love, and why people should follow you.

2. Videos and Instagram Stories

Show your product or service in action, do a ton of videos so people can get to know who you are and can relate to you. People want to know who they are buying from, the most they get to know you the more they will trust in what you are selling. Be very clear of what you are selling, don’t beat around the bush, let people know what you are offering and how it has helped you as well as others.

How to get active engagement, the key is to make sure that you are offering both great design and value. Value is the key word here, what are you offering to make them stay and hang around, free info, Tips and tricks, recipes? What will make your followers keep coming back? Get creative with your content, make it fun and appealing to look at. I love using the apps word swag and mojo to make my instastories fun, both are free to use.

For your instagram content to have a real impact, showcase the experience of actually using your products. Tell a story through your instagram content using photos and videos that show your products in action. For example if you are selling a skin care line you can show before and after results that people and yourself have had with the product. If you are selling an ingredient, you can post dishes that are made with the ingredient, and include the recipes in your post or videos so others can make that dish as well. If you offer a service get reviews from your clients that have purchased and gained results.

Put your products & services in motion by showing people the ways they can benefit and enjoy them as well.

3. Consistency

This is very important with instagrams new algorithm ( which we all love) you need to be posting often and keep those stories coming! What I have noticed works best if you are the brand of your business is the 3/1 ratio for posts on your feed, 3 post of your life and then one business post, share your journey with your business and how it has helped change your life or made it better in a certain area.

Engagement is KEY, this will help gain more followers and keep them as well. So if people are commenting on your photo you need to respond back. A little tip with responding back use more than 5 words and not just emojis, this will help the algorithm with instagram and get you noticed more. Also, by you responding you are starting up conversations with your followers and will make them want to pay attention more to your post because it shows you care about their opinions and you’re building relationships.

4. Hashtags & Tag Location

To those that don’t think these work, sorry! Hashtags & locations can be extremely powerful for creating awareness of what you’re up to. Think of it as a search tool that helps viewers from topics or ideas they are interested in or if someone is at a location and looks it up your photo will pop up. Hashtags & location can increase awareness and get your content seen by more people than just your followers and boost your social shares.

When you use the right combination of hashtags, it becomes easier for your target consumers to find you, this method will increase the awareness of your brand. I wouldn’t suggest using any type of hashtags, invest your time and do some research to make sure the hashtags still work.

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