Guts To Dust

As the warm weather approaches and you start to try on your clothes from last summer that use to fit perfect, but are now two sizes too small ( too many popcorn, candy and Netflix kind of nights ), now might be a good time to do some "spring cleaning". Here are some steps to get you back on track to feeling lean and energized again for the summer.

Stay Hydrated

Water is critical for healthy living. Dehydration can have many negative side effects and leave you feeling less than ideal. Water keeps you hydrated, eliminates toxins, and keeps you regular. If you're an active person make sure you get a good amount of water each day, for every pound of sweat you lose thats a pint of water you need to replenish. Drinking a ton of water is not only good for helping cure a hang over but it also helps, clear your skin, fatigue buster, helps relieve pain, helps you lose weight and can boost your brain.


Our bodies were meant to move, they actually crave exercise so get up and get your A** moving. Whether it's stretching, going for a walk or doing yoga; doing this for 30 minutes will raise your heart rate and help you lose weight, it will give you more energy and put you in a better mood. 


I have FOMO when it comes to sleep, but when i stay up late to get stuff done i am unproductive the next day for how exhausted i am. I recently started noticing just how important sleep is for your body and health, when you aren't getting enough Zz's you have low energy and a less positive outlook on your everyday life. Sleeping is a time when your body repairs and restores itself, it is a key part to a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your mind, heart, weight and more.

Meal Planning

If you don't do this already well now is a perfect time to start. Sunday nights are usually the best for this, you can make a bunch of food and store it away for the week. By doing this you will have a healthy lunch everyday and the temptation to go to a fast food joint will not be as bad. Meal planning saves you not only time but money as well, and good for shedding off those extra pounds by controlling your meal portions. Another great option when you're out and need a quick pick me up is a raw organic cold-press juice, Greenhouse Juice is super tasty and filled with great ingredients that give you lots of energy.

Socialize in healthier ways

Its easier to be healthy in the summer, who wants to be stuck inside when its beautiful out. Instead of always hitting up the patio, try different ways of socializing in a healthier way, switch it up and ride your bike instead of driving everywhere, join an outdoor league, join a running group or go for a hike. Get your friends involved and make it a daily thing, there are many activities that you can get involved with that will keep you fit for the summer and will not involve you going to the gym.

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