Do You Have The Grit To Make It?

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Most people think success is a straight line, but the reality is that success is a ton of ups and downs, with a roller coaster of emotions. A lot of people say it takes grit to be successful, i also call it persistence. My definition of Grit is "perseverance and passion for hitting your goals, while never giving up until you've reached what you have been pushing so hard for." I now understand why most people do not survive as an entrepreneur, you need to LOVE what you do more than anything, and your belief for what you do needs to be through the roof. I've spoken and worked with many entrepreneurs and the one thing they all have in common is persistence. 

Omar Shai ( CMO of said: " Starting something isn't enough. The ability to preserve and be resilient after something has been started is the true stamp of an entrepreneur. It's the people who stay on the course and continue to invest in developing their enterprise beyond the starting point that should be the model for successful entrepreneurship."

There are plenty of days i wake up and i am ready to throw in the towel and run to what is safe and secure. What really helps me over come these thoughts are personal development. The more you work on yourself, the more you grow; the more positive you become, the stronger you will get and the more Grit you will have. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, if you do not work on yourself everyday you will not survive. It took me MONTHS to discipline myself, to create a routine that kept me on track with hitting my goals. The problem most people have is not enough patience; they think results will happen over night by changing it up for just a few weeks. Things do not happen that quick, sometimes it takes a few months or a couple of years to see the results you are working so hard to achieve.

Grit is what separates the most successful people from the rest. It's the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality. Not everyone is born with grit, it takes developing a habit and doing things that others are not willing to do. It's about making mistakes, failing, and learning from them and moving on; while learning to control your negative thoughts and doubts that occasionally take over. 

Your journey will have a million roadblocks, the way i look at it is that the universe is testing you to see what you can handle, because on the other side of that challenge is something bigger and better waiting for you to be ready for it.

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