Are You A Consumer Or A Creator?

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, reading book after book of the same topic? Stuck on being a consumer? If so, then watch this video to learn how to go from a consumer to a creator.

Today is the day you must say... “ I’m done consuming”.

It’s time to admit you’re in consumption mode, if you have been falling victim to this, you need to comment below with something you have been consuming too much of, now it’s time to change that.

We have all been stuck in consumption mode, it’s something we cannot turn off but learn how to control.

If you are feeling paralyzed with where to begin from switching over from the consumer to the creator, after watching this video you’ll have 4 new tips to start producing content.

When I just started off my entrepreneurial journey, I spent most of my time consuming content, but unfortunately it lasted a few too many years. My days usually consistent of reading, watching YouTube, tutorials, purchasing courses, and going to conference after conference; everything that would help me learn and grow. I am not saying this is a bad thing, no matter where you are in your journey it is so important to keep growing, but the downfall of all of this was I took in way too much content feeling completely overwhelmed with knowledge and not experienced enough to teach what I was learning. Which in the end held me back in my business.

So if you are in this same situation of consuming and not creating, I am going to tell you one important element to help your success, TAKING ACTION!

You MUST create more than you consume. It’s time to take new action and create new habits and become that knowledgeable entrepreneur that takes action to have a thriving business.

Here are a few successful tips to go from a consumer to a creator:

1. Teach through experience

Remember we all start at the same place, a beginner with no knowledge of what to do or where to start, so teach through your experiences and what you have learned so far in your journey. Be authentic, share your ups and downs and what has worked for you. Someone will relate and it will help someone just starting off on their journey.

When I had just started growing and learning how to work my business, I use to take a lot content from others and figure out how to make it my own instead of using my own experiences and knowledge because I felt I wasn’t experienced enough.

Sometimes the best thing to do is cleanse, get off of social media and stop comparing and looking at where everyone else is on their journey and start sharing what you know. Teaching everything you know can be intimidating, so start slow and teach things as you start to learn them. Write out something new you have learned, do some more research on the topic to create more ideas, and then write down an experience you have had with the same topic. If you find topics that you have learned hard to explain, try writing about a challenge you have experienced and how you overcame it.

2. Create a plan

Before sitting down to create, plan out what you are going to work on so you don’t end up getting distracted checking instagram and catching up with your emails. The best thing to do, is to decide what you are going to work on before you go on your computer. What I find works best for myself; write out a time frame that you have to do work, then write what you will be working on each hour and make sure you stick to that schedule. This helps me a lot with sticking to my work and not getting distracted and jumping from one project to the next, which results in nothing getting complete. I highly recommend scheduling in a break between different projects after you have been working for awhile, take about 15 mins for a coffee break, anything to relax your mind so you do not burn out.

When creating goals for yourself with your content make sure you set a deadline for them as well; you want to ensure you are hitting these goals and adding some pressure to ensure it gets done.

3. Take consistent action

It’s time to produce more content than what you consume. The key to do this, become comfortable with taking imperfect action; don’t worry if your content is not perfect, if your video looks amateur, or if your website is basic. The most important thing is that you started to put content out there.

Of course it’s awesome to learn, study and work towards becoming an expert but you must create more than you consume. Nothing happens overnight, but taking no action won’t give you the results in growing your business. It’s about consistently taking small steps towards your goal.

Creating more than you consume starts with that shift in mind, action and heart. You have to work on it everyday without fail, that’s how you form the habit to create and transform your business.

4. Be excited about your process

Truly successful people are excited to create, it’s not about the cars or money, they are excited about their creation process. It’s about creating value for people and being excited about what they are sharing while enjoying the process of it all . If you are dragging your feet and not looking forward to creating your content, you may want to revisit what you are doing and if it is truly something you are even passionate about. It should flow easy for you when you are creating content, you should be sharing things that light a fire in you that you are excited to share with others.

Also, find a platform that you feel most comfortable on, whether it’s a blog, videos on youtube, sharing content through social media; find a platform that will work best for you to start sharing your content on and consistently start posting.

Now you know the exact steps to go from being a consumer to a creator. Remember that we are all consumers it is just about how much time you spend consuming vs how much time you are creating content, make sure you are aware of both and start by taking action.

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